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Nicolaes Maes

Model: Nicolaes Maes Model 'Nicolaes Maes' is our most ordered sink, it will give any toilet room a unique design. The depth of the sink is made in a way that it prevents splashing water [...]

Jacob van Ruysdael

Model: Jacob van Ruysdael Model "Jacob van Ruysdael' is such a unique and special design that it almost looks like it is completely flat, but the appearances is deceiving. Shown model is extra special because [...]

Piet Mondriaan

Model: Piet Mondriaan Model 'Piet Mondriaan' is designed in a way that the lines from the four corners goes towards the middle. The ends of the wood are twisted so that the drawing of the [...]

Ferdinand Bol

Model: Ferdinand Bol Don't let the model 'Ferdinand Bol' fool you, it can be used in any bathroom. Because of its smart design it can even fit the tiniest bathroom, as can be seen in [...]

Johan Vermeer

Model: Johan Vermeer Model 'Johan Vermeer' is cut out in an oval shaped on the top and on the bottom. For the bonding we've chosen for a white glue. This way of bonding makes the [...]

Vincent van Gogh

Model: Vincent van Gogh Model 'Vincent van Gogh' is designed in such a particular way that the water, even in the right and left corners close to the wall, will run towards the drain. No [...]

Frans Hals

Model: Frans Hals Model 'Frans Hals' is a deep cylindrical sink created with a router mill on the CNC machine, this roundness is also visible on the other side of  the sink. For this sink [...]