Kleine badkamer zonder wastafel
Kleine badkamer na plaatsen houten wastafel
Image features an Amsterdam bathroom with a 200cm length and a 120cm width. Our client had trouble finding a standard sink to fit in her small bathroom. She then decided to get her sink customized and due to all the options Van Wijk Dutch Design has to offer, she found the solution to her problem. The wish was for a sink that would not be to deep so there would be enough space to move within the bathroom. Our client really loved model Jacob van Ruysdael so we used this model. In the mean time of production we made a mould to ensure optimum connection. The sink is finished with a matt lacquer pore filling.
Houten wastafel op maat in kleine badkamer
Close-up van de houten wastafel
Houten wastafel op maat in kleine amsterdamse badkamer
I am super happy with my sink! I already chosen a very nice finish for the walls and together with the sink it really gives my bathroom the look I was hoping for. The faucet, I opted for a budget model, was just as easily installed as the sink itself. We did this by ourselves which was very easy to do (just like any other type of sink.). Now I’m saving up some money and the next step is a glass door and a drawer under the sink. Both of these I can order at Van Wijk Dutch Design as well!