Wood is a natural product with all its beauty. The choice for a wooden design sink above a mass or exlcusive product is a choice for special materials and design. Van Wijk Dutch design works with the following wood types:



Jatoba is a Brazilian wood. The heartwood is reddish orange to reddish-brown, and ranges from a uniform reddish-brown colour to a reddish walnut colour. The sapwood is pinkish. Jatoba has a straight grain, sometimes interlocked, and a moderately fine grain.

European oak

Houtsoort Wenge

European oak is the most common type of hardwood we use. The heartwood of white oak is light to golden brown and contrasts sharply with the pale sapwood. You see the end grain growth rings clearly and sharp. Tangential or plain sawn oak has a flame drawing.


Houtsoort Wenge

Wengé is a durable and stable African wood. On the front and radial surface darker and lighter fine stripes alternate on. In the tangential plane, which diversity provides, the wood has a beautiful flames drawing.

Oregon Pine

Houtsoort Oregon Pine

Oregon Pine is imported from North America. The heartwood is salmon coloured to reddish-brown, changing to red under influence of light. The sapwood is creamy white to yellow.

Hard Maple

Houtsoort Hard Maple

The colour of Hard Maple depends on the place of its origin and ranges from cream to pale ocher. The heartwood is difficult to distinguish from the sapwood. The wood structure is usually evenly with a fine grain. The wire is sometimes muddled and delivers a decorative drawing


Houtsoort Iroko

Iroko is a durable West African wood. The heartwood is golden brown and thru air it darkens to dark brown. It clearly differs from the sapwood, wich is yellowish. The wood structure is fairly evenly, with moderately fine grain.


Houtsoort Frake

Between the heartwood and sapwood is normal little colour difference. The timber may have a dark heart. The color can vary from pale yellow or yellow-gray to dark brown, occasionally it has a greenish tint.


Houtsoort Padouk

Padauk is a durable/ stable African wood. The heartwood is coral red to purplish brown. Without finishing it quickly discolours brown. The sapwood is creamy and the texture is medium fine. Often the timber has a uniform texture.

Mahogony Sapele

Houtsoort Mahonie

Mahogony Sapele comes from Africa. The heartwood is pink to light red-brown in colour. The sapwood is light brown in colour.